PayRec reconciliation guide

Written By Lee Kennedy (Super Administrator)

Updated at September 3rd, 2020

Welcome to PayRec! Now you have access, time to get a better understanding of how this tool streamlines the reconciliation process.

Step 1: PayRec already has example payroll data loaded into it so you can see how it works right away! If you are ready to work with your own payroll reports, check out our quick guide to importing your own data (it only takes a minute).

Step 2: Review the rule selection page by clicking on the 'Settings' button in the top nav, then selecting 'Rules'. Either use our pre-built in reconciliation rules or define your own to automatically ignore expected variances or flag unexpected payments to investigate. 

Step 3: View the variances that need your attention on the reconciliation items dashboard. PayRec displays the employees and pay items that need to be reviewed, while filtering out allowable variances based on your rules. Best place to start is by clicking on the employees box. 

Step 4: Review individual employee records to reconcile. Sign off and comment on each variance. An audit log against each employee will automatically be tracked and can be accessed by clicking on the 'Data' button in the top nav bar, then selecting 'Audit Trail'. 

Step 5: Select the salary variance, drill down to individual records to review and reconcile. Make a comment against all flagged records. All super & tax tied to earnings will automatically resolve with acknowledgement.

Step 6: Continue this process through every category, tracking your progress on the dashboard as you go. Once all variations have been acknowledged under a pay type category, the box will turn green. 

Step 7: Download a summary report by clicking the 'Report' button in the top nav bar. A PDF report will automatically download, ready for you to share your validated pay period.

Step 8: Instantly rollover your complete analysis so it’s ready for the next comparable period, this ensures you are always accessing up-to-date data. 

Congrats! You have completed your first PayRec reconciliation. 

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